British India 5 rupees banknote 1925 King George V

British India Rs 5 rupees banknote King George
British India banknotes of King George V
India Rs 5 rupees
Rs 5
British India Rs 5 Rupees banknote 1925 King George V

Obverse: Portrait of King George V wearing the Imperial Crown and the robes of Star of India in right window. Serial number on top left and below portrait. FIVE RUPEES in Central Denomination Panel. 5 in top right and lower left. Signed FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.
Reverse: The denomination of the note in seven different languages (Hindi, Bengali, Burmese, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati). The initial GRI (GRI stands for Georgious Rex Imperator which is Latin for George, King & Emperor), and the monetary value Rs 5 is depicted at upper right of the banknote and the name of the banknote issuer “Government of India”.
Watermark Type 1: Rayed star and GOVT/OF in two lines and INDIA enclosed within wavy lines and flag on right.
Watermark Type 2: Rayed star and GOVT/OF in two lines and INDIA.
Issue: First - Printed in England at the Bank of England Press.
Date of issue: Released in October 1925, withdrawn from circulation in June 1941.

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Portrait series - King George V notes (1917-1932)

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