British India 10 Rupees banknote 1917-1930 King George V

British India notes 10 Rupees banknote King George V
British India Ten Rupees
British India 10 Rupees banknote 1917-1930 King George V

Obverse: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in top and lower margin. Portrait of King George V wearing the Imperial Crown and the robes of Star of India in right window. Serial number on top right and lower left. 10 on all four corners. 10 underprint in white with TEN RUPEES in Central Denomination Panel. Relief underprint 10 TEN 10 in signature panel. Signed FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.
Reverse: The denominations of the note “TEN RUPEES” is in large type at the center. There are the denomination of the note in seven different languages (Hindi, Bengali, Burmese, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati), are printed at the center. The initial GRI (GRI stands for Georgious Rex Imperator which is Latin for George, King & Emperor) with an illustration of a crown in ornate panel on top left, and the Star of the Order of the Star of India at the lower right of the banknote.
Paper: White, handmade; moulded. Printed in England.
Microlettering: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA TEN RUPEES in signature panel.
Watermark: Profile portrait of George V facing right, stylised GRI above and GOVT OF INDIA below.

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Portrait series - King George V notes (1917-1932)

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