Japan banknotes 200 Yen note of 1945 WWII, Fujiwara no Kamatari

Japan currency 200 Yen Banknote money Bill
  Japan currency 200 Yen Banknote 
200 Yen Japanese Banknote money
200 Yen Japanese Banknote
Foreign currency - 200 Yen Japanese Banknote, (Nippon Ginko Da Kan Gin Ken / Bank of Japan) 1945 issue.
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Obverse: Portrait of Fujiwara no Kamatari at right and Danzan Shrine at left.
Reverse: View of Thirteen Storied wooden Pagoda in Danzan Shrine.

Japanese Banknotes
ND (1942-1945) "English Denomination on Back" Issue

5 Yen      200 Yen Takeuchi Sukune      200 Yen Fujiwara no Kamatari     1000 Yen Yamato Takeru No Mikoto

Fujiwara no Kamatari - Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Asuka period.

Danzan Shrine or Tanzan Shrine (Tanzan-jinja?), also known as the Tōnomine Temple, is a Shinto shrine in Sakurai, Nara, Japan. It was a major Buddhist site before the anti-Buddhist movement of the Meiji Era, which led to the destruction of many Buddhist temples in Japan. The original temple, a 13-story wooden pagoda, was built in 678. The present pagoda was built in 1532. The honden, or main hall, is built in the Kasuga-zukuri style. It is dedicated to Fujiwara no Kamatari, founder of the Fujiwara clan.