Japanese banknotes 10 Yen Convertible Gold Note 1915 Wake no Kiyomaro

Japan currency 10 Yen banknote
 Japan 10 Yen Convertible Gold Note 
Japan banknote 10 Yen in gold
 Nippon Ginko  10 Yen 
Old currency of Japan 10 Yen Convertible Gold Note issue 1915 - 1917, (Nippon Ginko / Bank of Japan).
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Obverse: Portrait of Wake no Kiyomaro at left and Goo Shrine at right.
Reverse: Nippon Ginko - Promises to Pay the Bearer or Demand TEN YEN in Gold.

Wake no Kiyomaro (733–799) was a high-ranking Japanese official during the Nara period.

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ND (1915) "Convertible Gold Note" Issue

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