Japan money 1000 Yen banknote of 1950 Prince Shotoku Taishi

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Japan ¥ 1000 yen note,  Prince Shotoku Taishi
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Bank of Japan  1000 Yen Banknote, Yumedono
Japan currency 1000 Yen Japanese Banknote of 1950, Prince Shotoku Taishi
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Obverse: Portrait of Prince Shotoku Taishi.
Reverse: View of Yumedono pavillon, (Hall of Dreams).

Yumedono is one of the main constructions in the Tō-in area, built on the ground which was once Prince Shōtoku's private palace, Ikaruga no miya. The present incarnation of this hall was built in 739 to assuage the Prince's spirit. The hall acquired its present-day common name in the Heian period, after a legend that says a Buddha arrived as Prince Shōtoku and meditated in a hall that existed here. The hall also contains the famous Yumedono Kannon (also Kuse-, or Guze Kannon); which is only displayed at certain times of the year.

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ND (1950-1958) Issue

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