Portugal currency 5000 Escudos banknote 1985 António Sérgio de Sousa

Portugal currency 5000 Escudos banknote António Sérgio
Portugal banknotes - 5000 Escudos
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Portugal paper money 5000 Escudos
Portugal currency 5000 Escudos banknote 1985 Bank of Portugal
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Obverse: Portrait of António Sérgio de Sousa - he was Portuguese an influential educationist, philosopher, journalist, sociologist and essayist .
Reverse: António Sérgio walking at center.

The work of preparing the plates and printing of notes was authored by British firm Thomas De La Rue & C º. Ltd., Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the models of the architect João de Sousa Araújo. The front consists of a printing Calcografica, Giori performed by the system, the three colors, with guilloche work on the white line and solid line and applications "moiré", which stands on the left side of the portrait of Antonio Sergio. The background printed in "offset", features a geometric design, arranged in the area defined color. The reverse side has a two-color printing on Calcográfica iridescent background technique similar to the front of the note, with the figure of Antonio Sergio complete body in motion, and in the lower right three small circles designed to enable the blind to read by touch . The role of English manufacture, has a watermark when viewed through the transparent front and right side of the portrait of Antonio Sergio and there is a security thread of dotted line. Note dimensions 170 x 75 mm. Been issued 13,166,000 notes with the dates of September 10, 1980 and January 27, 1981. First issue, February 25, 1981. Were withdrawn from circulation on 30 November 1992.