Portugal money 1000 Escudos banknote 1967 Queen Maria II of Portugal

Portugal paper money currency 1000 Escudos Queen Maria II of Portugal
Portugal money 1000 Escudos banknote, Queen Maria II of Portugal.
Portugal banknotes currency money 1000 Escudos Banco de Portugal
Portugal banknotes1000 Escudos
Portugal money 1000 Escudos banknote of 1967 Banco de Portugal
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Obverse: Portrait of Queen Maria II of Portugal (copy of a painting by Thomas Lawrence) at right, flowers at left.
Reverse: Building of the Banco de Portugal in 1846 at lower right, Queen Dona Maria II (Portuguese gold coin, known as the "beheaded") at left.

The printing of the front of the note-cut - sweet, was made by a special process, comprised of three crowns (brown, blue and green), includes a portrait of the Queen, the national emblem and several couplets. The fund, to "offset", consists of a set of purple and green roses, a rose of light brown behind the head of the Queen, a numismatic design on the left half of the note and ornamentation technique duplex.
The print on the back of the note-cut - sweet, bearing the effigy of the Queen, a reproduction of the old Square - Praça do Pelourinho, with the building of the Banco de Portugal, couplets and geometric ornaments. At the bottom has a bunch of flowers is identical to the front of the banknote.
The initial models were prepared by the architect João de Sousa Araújo, leaving the preparation of printing plates and notes over the Dutch firm Enschedé en Zonen Grafische Inrichting N.V., Haarlem..
The paper is the manufacture of Portals Limited, Overton, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England and has the watermark in the center of the note a portrait of Queen Maria II. On the left half, and incorporated into the paper, there is a security thread trace discontinuous. Size of notes 163 x 82 mm. Were issued 146,851,000 of notes with the date of May 19, 1967. The first issue, May 31, 1967, and the last issue, November 12, 1979. Were withdrawn from circulation in January 30, 1987.

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1000 Escudos Dona Maria II, Queen of Portugal

Queen Maria II of Portugal
Dona Maria II (4 April 1819 – 15 November 1853) "the Educator" (Portuguese: "a Educadora") or "the Good Mother" (Portuguese: "a Boa Mãe"), was Queen regnant of the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves from 1826 to 1828 and again from 1834 to 1853. She was a member of the House of Braganza.