Portugal money 5000 Escudos banknote 1987 Antero de Quental

Portuguese banknotes 5000 Escudos banknote
Portuguese banknotes 5000 Escudos note
Portugal bank notes 5000 Escudos Banco de Portugal
Portugal bank notes 5000 Escudos 
Portugal money 5000 Escudos banknote 1987 Banco de Portugal
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Obverse: Portrait of Antero de Quental - Portuguese poet, philosopher and writer on the left side flanked by a set of drawings birds, representing the sense of freedom.
Reverse: Six hands with rope and chain - symbolizing the combined effort for Freedom and Labor in the central part of the note, at the left a set of birds representing the sense of freedom, as on obverse side.

The notes have a coloration ranging from pale green to brown. The model is written by Luis Filipe Abreu, and the printing of notes is designed by the firm Thomas De La Rue & C º. Ltd., England. Its watermark transparency when viewed from the front of the effigy headed. Note dimensions 177 x 70 mm.
49644000 banknotes have been issued, first issue August 7, 1987 and the final issue of June 20, 1989. Were withdrawn from circulation in 1991.