Afghanistan Paper Money 1000 Afghanis banknote 1961 King Muhammad Zahir Shah

Afghanistan Paper Money 1000 Afghanis bank notes bills King Zahir Shah
Afghanistan bank notes 1000 Afghanis banknote, King Zahir Shah
Kingdom Afghanistan Paper Money currency 1000 Afghanis banknotes
Banknotes of Afghanistan 1000 Afghanis banknote 
Afghanistan banknotes 1000 Afghanis bank note of 1961 (SH 1340), issued by the Central Bank of Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank
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Obverse: Portrait of King Muhammad Zahir Shah.
Reverse: Qila-e Bost Arch near Lashkar Gah.
Printed by Thomas De La Rue and Company Limited, London England.

Afghanistan banknotes - Afghani currency
SH 1340-1342 (1961-1963) "King Mohammed Zahir Shah" Issue

10 Afghanis               20 Afghanis                50 Afghanis
100 Afghanis             500 Afghanis             1000 Afghanis