Egypt 20 Pounds banknote 2010

Egypt money currency 20 Pounds banknote 2010 Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Citadel) in Cairo
Egypt banknotes 20 Pounds banknote 2010 Karnak Temple Complex

Egypt banknotes 20 Pounds banknote 2010
Central Bank of Egypt

Obverse: Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Citadel) in Cairo at center.
Reverse: Relief pharaonic drawings (frieze) on one of the pillars of the Temple of Sesostris I at Karnak (Karnak Temple Complex) and Ramesses atop chariot, at the battle of Kadesh (Relief inside his Abu Simbel temple) at left.
Watermark: Mask of Pharaoh King Tutankhamun.
Original Size: 156 x 70 mm.
Texts: Central Bank of Egypt; Twenty Pounds.

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Karnak Temple Complex
The Karnak Temple Complex, commonly known as Karnak, comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings. Building at the complex began during the reign of Senusret I in the Middle Kingdom and continued into the Ptolemaic period, although most of the extant buildings date from the New Kingdom. The area around Karnak was the ancient Egyptian Ipet-isut ("The Most Selected of Places") and the main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad with the god Amun as its head. It is part of the monumental city of Thebes. The Karnak complex gives its name to the nearby, and partly surrounded, modern village of El-Karnak, 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles) north of Luxor.