Afghanistan 50 Afghanis banknote 2010 SH 1389

Afghanistan Banknotes 50 Afghanis banknote 2010 Shah-do-Shamshira Mosque Kabul
Afghanistan money currency 50 Afghanis banknote 2010 Salang Pass
Afghanistan Banknotes 50 Afghanis banknote 2010 AD / SH 1389 (۱۳۸۹)
Central Bank of Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank

Obverse: The Shah-do-Shamshira Mosque (the Mosque of the King of Two Swords) in the center of Kabul; Logo of Da Afghanistan Bank at upper right.
Reverse: Kotal-e Salang or Salang Pass (el. 3878 m.) - the majour mountain pass connecting northern Afghanistan and Kabul province, with further connections to southern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pass crosses the Hindu Kush is now bypassed through the Salang tunnel at a height of about 3,400 m. It links Charikar and Kabul with Mazari Sharif and Termez.
Mausoleum of Mirwais Khan Hotak and cornerstones as watermark.
Dimensions: 152 x 64 mm.

Signatures of Abdul Qadeer Fitrat (as GOVERNOR) and Omar Zakhilwal (as MINSTER of FINANCE). Windowed security thread with demetalized text on the front side. Arabic number ٥٠ as registration device. Two horizontal 7-digit serial numbers in Arabic on the back side, both having numerals of the same size and an alpha-numerical fractional prefix. Printed by Thomas de la Rue, United Kingdom.

Afghanistan Banknotes - Afghanistan Paper Money
Currency reform 2002 (1000 Afghani = 1 New Afghani)
SH 1381-1391 (2002-2012) Issue

   1 Afghani      2 Afghanis      5 Afghanis      10 Afghanis      20 Afghanis    

50 Afghanis       100 Afghanis       500 Afghanis       1000 Afghanis

SH 1387-1391 (2008-2012) Modified Issue

100 Afghanis       500 Afghanis       1000 Afghanis