Afghanistan 2 Afghanis banknote 2002 SH 1381

Afghanistan Banknotes 2 Afghanis banknote 2002 Emblem of Da Afghanistan Bank
Afghanistan money currency 2 Afghanis banknote 2002 Triumphal arch in the Paghman Royal gardens

Afghanistan Banknotes 2 Afghanis banknote 2002 AD / SH 1381 (۱۳۸۱)
Central Bank of Afghanistan - Da Afghanistan Bank

Obverse: Ornaments and Emblem of Da Afghanistan Bank on the right side. Is is an ancient coin from the period of the Great King Eukridates. On the top of a semi-circle is an Arabic inscription: Da Afghanistan Bank. Two cornucopia with some gold coins at the bottom. The year of establishment of the bank are on right and left sides.
Reverse: Triumphal arch in the Paghman Royal gardens.
Mausoleum of Mirwais Khan Hotak as watermark.
Dimensions: 131 x 55 mm.

Signatures of Anwar ul-Haq Ahady (as GOVERNOR) and Hedayat Amin Arsala (as MINSTER of FINANCE). Solid security thread. Arabic number ٢ as registration device. Two horizontal 7-digit serial numbers in Arabic on the back side, both having numerals of the same size and an alpha-numerical fractional prefix. Printed by Giesecke und Devrient GmbH, Muenchen, Germany.

Afghanistan Banknotes - Afghanistan Paper Money
Currency reform 2002 (1000 Afghani = 1 New Afghani)
SH 1381-1391 (2002-2012) Issue

   1 Afghani      2 Afghanis      5 Afghanis      10 Afghanis      20 Afghanis    

50 Afghanis       100 Afghanis       500 Afghanis       1000 Afghanis

SH 1387-1391 (2008-2012) Modified Issue

100 Afghanis       500 Afghanis       1000 Afghanis