Canada One Dollar banknote 1973 Queen Elizabeth II

Canadian Banknotes One Dollar banknote 1973 Queen Elizabeth II
Canada money currency One Dollar banknote 1973 Ottawa River with Parliament Hill
Canadian Banknotes One Dollar banknote 1973 Queen Elizabeth II
Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada

Obverse: Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada in an evening dress, wearing a diamond necklace and diamond earrings. Denominations in numerals are in all corners. Centered in numeral and in words. The original photograph, on which the engraving is based, was an official portrait taken around 1962 by Anthony Buckley in Buckingham palace. The engraving of this portrait, which was used for the Canadian 1- and 2-dollar notes issued in 1973 and for the 20-dollar notes issued in 1969 and 1979, was created by George Gunderson, master engraver of the British American Bank Note Company.
Reverse: A tugboat is prominent in the foreground of the vignette on the reverse, which depicts the Ottawa River with a broken log boom with Parliament Hill in the background. It was engraved by Yorke based on a 1963 photograph taken by Malak Karsh. Denominations in numerals are in lower left and top right corners. In top left and lower right corners in words.
Signatures: Governor of the Bank of Canada (Gouverneur) - Gerald Bouey; Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada (Sous-Gouverneur) - R. William Lawson.
Date of Issue: 03.06.1974.
Printer: British American Bank Note Company, Ltd. & Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd.
Dimensions: 153 x 69 mm.
Texts: Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada. This Note is Lergal Tender - Ce Billet a Cours Légal. One Dollar. Un Dollar. A Mari Usque Ad Mare.

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Scenes of Canada, 1969-1979 Series
Scenes of Canada was the fourth series of banknotes of the Canadian dollar issued by the Bank of Canada. It was first circulated in 1970 to succeed the 1954 Series, and was replaced by the Birds of Canada series beginning in 1986.
The design process for this series began in 1963 with a primary goal of creating banknotes that were more counterfeit-resistant than the 1954 Series it was to replace.
   Each denomination retained the dominant colour of the respective banknote from the 1954 Series: green for the $1 banknote, orange (terracotta) for the $2 banknote, blue for the $5 banknote, mauve (purple) for the $10 banknote, burnt orange (red) for the $50 banknote, and brown for the $100 banknote. Because of the multicoloured tints used to complement the design for each banknote, Bank of Canada staff began referring to the series as the "multicoloured series".
   Initially, all denominations were to feature the portrait of Elizabeth II, but portraits of former prime ministers were used for some denominations at the request of Edgar Benson, the Minister of Finance in 1968, to "reflect Canada's burgeoning national identity". The vertical borders of the obverse were curvilinear, the left edge of which had "multicoloured diamonds" bordering a circular frame within which was the Coat of Arms. It also featured "sweeping guilloché" patterns.

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Canadian One Dollar Bill 1973 Queen Elizabeth II