Netherlands 10 Gulden Banknote 1997

Banknotes of the Dutch guilder Netherlands 10 Gulden Bank note 1997
Netherlands Currency Money 10 Gulden Banknote 1997
Netherlands Banknotes 10 Gulden Banknote 1997
The Dutch Bank - De Nederlandsche Bank

Obverse: Abstract geometrical designs of radio schema, resistors etc.
Reverse: Abstract geometrical designs of radio schema, resistors etc.
Watermark: Ijsvogel (Alcedo Atthis Ispida) - Common Kingfisher.
Size: 136 x 76 mm.

Banknotes of the Dutch guilder
1989-1999 Issue

10 Gulden       25 Gulden       100 Gulden       1000 Gulden

In 1997, the last guilder banknote was put into circulation, of 10 guilders. What was particularly important in this bill was the life. It was with synthetic fibers and a better coating applied. Drupsteen wanted to create a gray banknote, probably to prevent pollution. The management of the Dutch Bank wanted a sweeter 'cheerful appearance. The watermark is a kingfisher and through register shows a typical prey of this bird, the stickleback. Arie van den Berg wrote the poem that characterizes the bird. In the first three notes of Drupsteen the composition was not bleeding so you got a 'finite' impression. But at the last note of the composition fills the entire bill. Next to the empty plane in which the watermark is inserted to confess almost no white in banknote. This immediately gives a very different impression than the previous bills.
Since this time the euro was coming, it is not managed to complete the entire series with the notes of 50 and 250 guilders. For this value of the notes Oxenaar were still used until the euro was introduced.