Netherlands currency 100 Gulden banknote 1992 Little Owl & Abstract geometry

Netherlands currency 100 Gulden bill Dutch guilder banknotes
Netherlands currency 100 Gulden banknote, Little Owl
Netherlands paper money Dutch guilder banknotes 100 Gulden banknote
100 Dutch guilder banknote
Netherlands currency 100 Gulden banknote 1992
De Nederlandsche Bank - Central Bank of the Netherlands
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Value and geometric designs an face and back.
Watermark: Little Owl
Date of issue: 7 September 1993
Withdrawn from circulation: between 1 January 2002 and 28 January 2002
Final date for exchange: 1 January 2032

Banknotes of the Dutch guilder
1989-1999 Issue

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The second 100 guilder note from Drupsteen series, was released in 1992. The aim was to make the 100 guilders be quieter than the 25 guilders. Both the printer and the designer had new insights into the security technology and there was a new design computer available. On the front side of the banknote are crystalline circles shown. The color of these forms are dependent on the angle of luminous gray or gold-colored. Mounted tactile structures along the sides so that it is also for people who are less able to see recognizable. Through a combination of subtle shades of red, purple, gray and gold, the main color is brown. This bill is the first film pressure applied. This is one of the most effective ways against counterfeiting through photocopiers. Foil printing is a printing technique that is put ink on the paper that lights up when a certain amount of light shines on. So it is immediately recognizable as a photocopy of it is made, as many light comes in.