Denmark 50 Krone banknote 1972

Banknotes of Denmark 50 krone banknote 1972 Engelke Charlotte Ryberg
50 Danish Kroner note 1972 Crucian carp

Banknotes of Denmark 50 krone banknote 1972 Engelke Charlotte Ryberg
Danish National Bank - Danmarks Nationalbank

The portrait on the face of the banknote is of Engelke Charlotte Ryberg, née Falbe, and is a detail from a family portrait. The portrait was painted in 1796/97 by Jens Juel (1745-1802). The original painting is in the collection of the National Gallery of Denmark.
The crucian carp on the reverse was reproduced from a drawing by the illustrator and architect Ib Andersen (1907-69).
Size: 139 x 72 mm.
The 50-krone banknote was issued on 21 January 1975 and has been withdrawn since 7 May 1999.

Banknotes of Denmark, 1972 series
The 1972 series was issued from 1974 to 1995. Only the 100-krone banknote in this series was issued in a revised version, called the 1972 series, in 1995, in order to enhance protection against counterfeiting. The faces of the banknotes show paintings by the well-known Danish artist Jens Juel (1745-1802). The reverse motifs are animals drawn by Ib Andersen, Johannes Larsen and Gunnar Andersen.

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