Turkey 1 Livre Turque banknote 1926

Turkey Banknotes 1 Turkish Lira "Livre Turque" note 1926
Turkey currency money 1 Turkish Lira "Livre Turque" note 1926

Banknotes of Turkey 1 Turkish Lira "Livre Turque" note 1926
Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Obverse: House of Parliament, Citadel of Ankara, a ploughing farmer
Reverse: Former Building of Prime Ministry
Printer: TDLR - Thomas de la Rue, London, England.

Quantity printed TL.39.995.985
Issue date 05.12.1927
Date of withdrawal 25.04.1939
End of legal circulation 24.04.1944
End of redemption period 24.04.1949
Date of loss of value 25.04.1949
Signatures Mustafa Abdülhalik RENDA, Minister of Finance
Dimensions 90x166 mm
Dominant colour
Front colour Olive green
Back colour Olive green

Banknotes of Turkey - Paper Money from Turkey
The Banknotes of the First Emission Group - Türk Lirası
The Committee chaired by Abdulhalik Renda, the Minister of Finance, decided to issue First Emission Group banknotes in the denominations 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 Turkish Lira at the end of a nine month-study. The production of new banknotes was commissioned to an English printing firm, Thomas De La Rue, and these banknotes were printed by intaglio technique on papers with watermarks.
As banknotes of this emission group were printed before the Alphabet Revolution on 1 November 1928, their main text was in Arabic letters, whereas the denominations were in French.
Being as the first banknotes of the Turkish Republic, First Emission Group banknotes (E1) were put into circulation on 5 December 1927. Also, Evrak-ı Nakdiye were withdrawn from circulation on 4 December 1927, and lost their value as legal tender on 4 September 1928.

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