100 Turkish Lira note 1930 İsmet İnönü

Turkey Banknotes 100 Turkish Lira "Türk Lirasi" note 1930 İsmet İnönü
Turkey currency money 100 Turkish Lira "Türk Lirasi" note 1930 girl holding grapes
Banknotes of Turkey 100 Turkish Lira "Türk Lirasi" note 1930 İsmet İnönü
Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Obverse: A portrait of İsmet İnönü, 2nd President of Turkey.
Reverse: A girl holding grapes
Printer: Reichsdruckerei Berlin, Germany.

Quantity printed TL.900.000.000
Issue date 15.08.1942
Date of withdrawal 25.04.1946
End of legal circulation 27.04.1946
End of redemption period 09.08.1948
Date of loss of value 10.08.1948
Signatures Kemal Zaim SUNEL, Nedim ERSUN
Dimensions 75x175 mm
Dominant colour
Front colour Brown
Back colour Brown