Israel 10 Lirot banknote 1958

Israeli Currency 10 Lirot banknote 1958 Scientist in a laboratory
Israeli Currency 10 Lirot banknote 1958 Book of Isaiah, Dead Sea Scrolls
Israeli Currency 10 Lirot banknote 1958 Bank of Israel

Obverse: Scientist in a laboratory; the denomination "Ten Israeli pounds" and "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew.​
Reverse: Passage from the Book of Isaiah. Dead Sea Scrolls; "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic.​
Watermark:​ The face of the scientist.​
Security thread:​ On the left-hand side of the note.​
Colour of numbering:​ Black. Red (January 1967); blue (April 1967); brown (September 1969).​
Signatures:​ Governor of the Bank David Horowitz; Chairman of the Advisory Council J.E. Nebenzahl.​
Design:​ Shamir Brothers, Jacob Zim.​
Size: 150 X 82 mm.​
Dominant colour: Purple.​
Year:​ 1958.​
Date of issue: October 15, 1959.​
Ceased to be legal tender:​ March 31, 1984.​
Note:​ Starting from the 1966 reprint, the security thread on the left was moved to the middle and replaced by a morse code signifying "Zion Jerusalem".​

Israel Banknotes - Israel Paper Money
Second Series of the Pound
1958-1960 Issue
The abstract patterns of the first series did not meet with public approval. When criticism mounted, the Governor decided to issue a new series, and appointed a public committee to plan the notes. The committee selected drawings of people illustrating different walks of Israeli life (a pioneer-woman soldier, fisherman, scientist, etc.) as the principal motif and archaeological subjects as the secondary motif.
The form and size of the notes differed from those of the previous series. The basic sketches were the work of Israeli artists. The series was put into circulation in 1959-60, and gradually replaced the previous series.
From this series onwards, the banknotes of Israel are printed in several state or state-controlled banknote printing works in Europe.​

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