Mexico 500 Pesos banknote 1914 Banco Oriental De Mexico

Mexico banknotes 500 Pesos Banco Oriental De Mexico, Esteban de Antunano
Mexico paper money 5 Pesos banknote Banco Oriental De Mexico
Mexico banknotes 500 Pesos 1914 Banco Oriental De Mexico, P-S386b.

Obverse: Portrait of Esteban de Antuñano at right, the denomination value "500" within a guilloche at center, Greek goddesses Minerva and Irene ("Reason a leading Force") at left. In the top, the issuer name "EL BANCO ORIENTAL DE MÉXICO".
Reverse: Orange background pattern. In the center, In the center, inside a circle Former coat of arms of Puebla with the motto "Angelis Suis Deus de te ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis", that translated means: "God command his angels take care of you in all your paths", on each side the denomination value "500" within a guilloche, on each side Coat of Arms the issuer name "BANCO ORIENTAL DE MÉXICO". Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

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El Banco Oriental De Mexico
1900-1914 Issue

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