Mexico banknotes 100 Pesos banknote 1914 Banco Oriental de Mexico

Money Currency of Mexico 100 Pesos banknote
Billetes de Mexico 100 pesos
mexican billetes 100 Pesos
Billetes Mexicanos
Mexico banknotes 100 Pesos bank note 1914 issued by the El Banco Oriental de Mexico
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Obverse: Portrait of Esteban de Antuñano at left and view of Municipal Palace (Palacio Municipal de Puebla) at center.
Reverse: Orange background pattern. In the center, In the center, inside a circle Former coat of arms of Puebla with the motto "Angelis Suis Deus de te ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis", that translated means: "God command his angels take care of you in all your paths", on each side the denomination value "100" within a guilloche, on each side Coat of Arms the issuer name "BANCO ORIENTAL DE MÉXICO". Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

The Municipal Palace is located on Maximino Avila Camacho, Puebla of Zaragoza, Mexico. The facade is made of gray cantera stone in Renaissance style, using Ionic columns and pediments, differing from the other buildings that border the main plaza. The portal has two levels topped by a central garret, in which there is a clock and towers on each side.

Mexican banknotes - Mexican paper money
El Banco Oriental De Mexico
1900-1914 Issue

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