Honduras 100 Lempiras banknote 1969

Honduras banknotes 100 Lempiras Jose Cecilio del Valle
Honduras currency banknotes 100 Lempiras bank note 1969 Tegucigalpa
Honduras Banknotes 100 Lempiras bank note 1969 
El Banco Central de Honduras

Obverse: Portrait of José Cecilio del Valle at left and Coat of arms of Honduras at right.
Reverse: Panoramic View of Tegucigalpa: Mallol Bridge and Museo Historico de la Republica (The old presidential palace of Honduras is now a museum depicting the modern history of Honduras spanning from the Independence from Spain)
Printed by Waterlow and Sons Limited, London England.

Honduras banknotes - Honduras paper money
1950-1973 Issue

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José Cecilio Díaz del Valle (November 22, 1780 – March 2, 1834) was a philosopher, politician, lawyer, and journalist and one of the most important figures in Central America during the transition from colonial government to independence, displaying a wide-ranging expertise in public administration management.
Valle nicknamed 'The Wise' was also, one of Central America's founding fathers. He used words as his only weapons, and the most amazing fact about his life is that, despite his pacific temperament and lack of military glamor, his efforts did not go unappreciated by the mass of his countrymen.