Honduras Currency 1 Honduran Lempira banknote of 1961

Honduran Lempira banknotes currency
Honduran Lempira - Lempira Hondureña
Lempira Honduras banknotes currency collection Notafilia Numismática
Honduran Money Currency
Currency of Honduras  1 Lempira banknote of 1961, 
issued by the Central Bank of Honduras - El Banco Central de Honduras.
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Obverse: Lempira national hero of Honduras and Coat of arms of Honduras - Escudo Nacional at left.
Reverse: Dios del Maiz - Idolo Maya and Mayan artifacts. God of Maize, Maya sculptures from Copan.
Printed by Thomas de la Rue, London England.

Lempira was a war chieftain of the Lencas of western Honduras in Central America during the 1530s, when he led resistance to Francisco de Montejo's attempts to conquer and incorporate the region into the province of Honduras. Mentioned as Lempira in documents written during the Spanish conquest, he is still regarded as a warrior who offered resistance against the Spanish conquistadors.

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