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Banknotes of the Republic of Ireland: Five Pounds Note 1992-2001 
Series C Banknotes

The five pound note was first issued in April 1994 and last issued in 2000. The front of the note features Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy, the background features the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin which was founded by the Sisters of Mercy.
Signatures: O'Connaill & Mullarkey.

The back of the note features three children in a classroom. The first verse of the Irish poem Mise Raifteirí an File by Antoine Ó Raifteiri is presented on the blackboard in Gaelic script. A map of Europe, without political boundaries, is at the back.
Watermark: Lady Hazel Lavery.
Texts: Banc Ceannais na hÉireann; Cúig phunt; Central Bank of Ireland; Five Pounds.
The dominant colours of the banknote are brown and blue. Its dimensions are 120 × 64 millimetres.

The Venerable Mother Catherine Elizabeth McAuley (29 September 1778 – 11 November 1841) was an Irish nun, who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. The Order has always been associated with teaching, especially in Ireland, where the nuns taught Catholics (and at times Protestants) at a time when education was mainly reserved for members of the established Church of Ireland.

Antoine Ó Raifteirí (also Antoine Ó Reachtabhra, Anthony Raftery) (1779–1835) was an Irish language poet who is often called the last of the wandering bards.

Banknotes of the Republic of Ireland: Series C Banknotes
The Series C Banknotes of the Republic of Ireland were the final series of notes created for the state before the advent of the euro; it replaced Series B Banknotes. The series gradually entered circulation from 1992 and remained in circulation until 2002.
The notes were commissioned by the then Central Bank of Ireland, in five denominations. The Central Bank held a limited competition in 1991 and invited nine Irish artists having decided on the theme itself previous to invitation. The designs of Robert Ballagh were chosen, and his designs were used in all the denominations to follow a unified design pattern.
  The theme for this series was people who contributed to the formation of a modern Ireland, and to this effect it includes politicians, a language, literary and religious figure.
  These notes incorporated a number of sophisticated features for security, and the partially sighted and blind; such features had not previously seen on banknotes in Ireland.
Ireland was one of the first countries to qualify to join the "Euro-Zone".
The Irish pound was replaced by Euro € on 1 January 2002, €1 Euro = £0.787564 Irish pound.

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