Ireland Currency 10 Pounds 1929 Ploughman Note

10 Pounds Ireland banknotes Ploughman notes
Ireland Republic banknotes "Ploughman notes" Ten Pounds
Ten Pounds Ireland Currency banknotes Ploughman Notes
Ireland Republic banknotes
Ireland Currency Commission, Consolidated banknotes: 
10 Pounds 1929 Ploughman Note, The Bank of Ireland, P-10

The obverse design of all of the notes was of a ploughman with a team of two horses hence the popular nickname of 'ploughman notes' for this series. This design was based on a drawing by Mr Desmond Brien, who was a member of the first 'Currency Commission' Committee. The colour of the notes was the same as those chosen for the legal tender notes, the reverse design of each denomination was of a view of Ireland:

The reverse of the £10 Ploughman note featured an image of "Currency Commission Building, Foster Place, Dublin".

These notes were issued by the eight different banks in Ireland at the time. The only variations on the face of the notes was the various bank names, denoting which bank had issued the note. (The Bank of Ireland, The National Bank, The Northern Banking Company, The Provincial Bank, The Ulster Bank, The Hibernian Bank, The Royal Bank of Ireland, The Munster & Leinster Bank)

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"Ploughman Notes"