Egypt 10 Pounds banknote 1912

Egyptian banknotes 10 Egyptian Pounds banknote 1912
National Bank of Egypt 10 Pounds Note 1912
Egypt paper money 10 Pound bank note 1912
Egyptian banknotes: 10 Pounds banknote 1912 National Bank of Egypt

Obverse: On the left, Felucca's on the Nile at Luxor and Philae Temple of Goddess Isis at the background.
Reverse: In the middle, geometric design surrounding the name of the bank.
Printer: Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Limited, London.

Egyptian banknotes
National Bank of Egypt - Decree 25.06.1898

50 Piastres   One Egyptian Pound   5 Egyptian Pounds   
10 Egyptian Pounds   50 Egyptian Pounds   100 Egyptian Pounds