British India Notes 10 Rupees 1919 Government of India

British India Notes 10 Rupees 1919 Government of India
Government of India - Ten Rupees - Uniface with Red under print
British India Notes 10 Rupees 10 Rupees 25.4.1919 Government of India, signature M.M.S. Gubbay P-A10k
Uniface with Red under print

This is a rectangular banknote measuring 208 x 130 mm. This note is black on red underprint. The name of the note issuer “Government of India” is at the top center of the note. Below this, the two oval shapes in red are printed as background in tint at the upper left and right, just below the banknote issuer title. The numeral value of the banknote in nine languages (including English) is printed in vertical position both on the far left and right side. “I promise to pay the bearer on demand / at any office of issue the sum of rupees” is at top center. Denominations of the note in eight language; Urdu, Kaithi, Bengali, Burmese, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Gujarati languages are printed in four lines. The Burmese character “ngwe dinga ta se” signifying ten silver coins is written in the last line of the left panel. At the center, the monetary value in the word “ten” is printed in large type. The word monetary value “ten” in very large size type as red underprint for this note is printed at the center.
The date of the banknote issue, April 25, 1919 is printed at under the left and right columns, without letter at lower left and right on front. (The dates of  both left and right columns are written in day, month and year order). The words “for the Government of India” is at the bottom left, and the signature is on the bottom right. This note is signed by M. M.S. Gubbay on April 25, 1919.
Watermark for this note are the wavy lines on all the four sides; in center india/10 rupees 10 in two lines, and the manufacture’s code at the bottom end-paper.
Four serial numbers of the note appear in the upper left and upper right in large font size above the promise text, and in smaller font size at the lower left and right corners. These banknotes are printed in England on white, hand-moulded paper.

British India Notes
Government of India - Uniface with Green & Red underprint

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