1935 Bank Of Canada $100 Dollar Note Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

Canada banknotes 100 Dollar Note 1935 Prince Henry
Bank of Canada 1935 One Hundred Dollar Bill
Bank of Canada 100 Dollar Bill Note 1935
1935 $100 Bill from The Bank of Canada
1935 Bank Of Canada $100 Dollar Note Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

Printed by Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd., the $100 note carries a portrait of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, third son of King George V and Queen Mary. The prince is wearing the uniform of a captain of the 10th Royal Hussars Regiment. The portrait photographer was Vandyke, and the engraving was done by American Bank Note Company’s Will Ford. On the back of the note is an allegorical figure representing commerce and industry.

J.A.C. Osborne signs as the Deputy Governor and G.F. Towers as the Governor. Quantity Printed: 87,500.

Text:   Ottawa, issue of 1935 – The Bank Of Canada – Will pay to the bearer on demand – One Hundred Dollars – Canadian Bank note company ltd – deputy governor – governor

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (Henry William Frederick Albert; 31 March 1900 – 10 June 1974) was a soldier and third son of King George V and Queen Mary.

He was appointed potential regent for his niece, Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), when his brother, King George VI, came to the throne in 1936. He was required to stay in the United Kingdom until Elizabeth came of age in case her father died and she ascended the throne as a minor.

The Duke served as a soldier for most of his life. Unlike his brothers, Prince Henry joined the Army instead of the Royal Navy. He attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in 1919. He later served with The King's Royal Rifle Corps and the 10th Royal Hussars before retiring from the active list in 1937.
Following the outbreak of the Second World War, he joined the British Expeditionary Force, serving as a Chief Liaison Officer. He was slightly wounded in 1940 when his staff car was attacked from the air. In 1940 he became second-in-command of the 20th Armoured Brigade. He was appointed a Field Marshal in 1955 and a Marshal of the Royal Air Force in 1958.

He was also the 11th Governor-General of Australia, from 1945 to 1947. At his death in 1974, he was the last surviving knight of the Order of St. Patrick, as well as the last surviving child of King George V and Queen Mary.

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Canadian 100 Dollar Bill 1935 Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester