Confederate Currency 1861 $5 Dollar Bill CSA T-32

Confederate Currency 1861 5 Dollar Bill boy CSA T-32
September 2nd 1861 Confederate $5 Bill from Richmond with Blacksmith
Confederate Currency September 2nd 1861 $5 Dollar Bill from Richmond with Blacksmith 
CSA T-32

Description:  This $5 Confederate note shows a blacksmith with anvil and tools at right, boy in oval at lower left. This design is close copy of prewar $5 note of the Mechanics Savings Bank of Savannah Georgia, 1855. This note was printed with black and red or orange ink on either plain paper or paper that contained red fibers. This note is considered scarce. There is no design on the back. Engraved by Keatinge & Ball - 20,333 printed.

Inscriptions: "Six Months after the ratification of a Treaty of peace between The Confederate States and the United States, The Confederate States of America will pay to bearer Five Dollars/ Richmond Sept. 2nd, 1861/ Fundable in Eight per cent stock or bonds of the Confederate States of America/ Receivable in Payment of all dues except export duties/ Leggett Keatinge & Ball Richmond Va."

Keatinge & Ball eventually became the leading engravers and printers of Confederate notes. Initially the firm was Leggett, Keatinge & Ball, but on March 12, 1862 the firm was informed that Mr Leggett had been seen with a Union spy, and they would lose their contract if he did not leave. Edward Keatinge was an engraver from Britain, who was employed by the American Banknote Company in New York. After offers from the Confederate government, he entered into a partnership with Thomas Ball. The firm soon moved from Richmond to Columbia, South Carolina.