Ceylon 10 Rupees Note 1954 Queen Elizabeth II

Ceylon banknotes Rs 10 Rupees bank note 1954 Queen Elizabeth II

Ceylon 10 Rupees banknote 1954

British Ceylon Rs 10 Rupees banknote of 1954 Queen Elizabeth II, Central Bank of Ceylon.

Obverse: Portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II from a classic Dorothy Wilding photograph.
Reverse: Guard stone showing Nagaraja or Cobra King, Ratnaprasada, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka .
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company, New Malden in Surrey, England.

Ceylon Banknotes 
Central Bank of Ceylon - 1953-1954 Queen Elizabeth II, Second Issue 

 5 Rupees      10 Rupees

Guardstone at Ratnaprasada 
Height 4 ft. 6 in., Breadth 2 ft. 9 in. Except for a broken nose the guardstone is well preserved. The arch above the figure is profusely sculptured. A double makara head is at the apex and there is a makara head at each and of the base of the arch. Of the mounth of the makara are thrown out a lion at each end and dancing human forms. The seven sets of cobra eyes look daggers at the intruder. The rippling muscles of the body of the naga-king are very realistic. The head-dress and the ornaments are worked out in exquisite detail. An elephant stands on the pilaster. Only one dwarf is included.