Afghanistan 50 Afghanis banknote 1936 Ministry of Fnance

Afghanistan 50 Afghanis
50 Afghanis

Afghanistan 50 Afghanis banknote 1936 Ministry of Finance

Obverse: National Emblem of Afghanistan 1931-1973 & Independence Monument in Kabul.
Reverse: In Farsi language.
Printer: Orell F├╝ssli Security Printing Ltd, Zurich Switzerland.

Afghanistan banknotes - Afghani currency
Ministry of Finance SH 1315 (1936) with face in Pashto back in Farsi languages.

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Emblem of Afghanistan
The national emblem of Afghanistan has appeared in some form on the flag of Afghanistan since the inception of that nation.
The latest incarnation of the coat of arms has the added inscription of the shahadah in Arabic at the top. Below it is the image of a mosque with a mehrab that is facing Mecca with a prayer mat inside. Attached to the mosque are two flags, taken to stand for flags of Afghanistan. Beneath the mosque is an inscription that states the name of the nation. Around the mosque is a sheaves of wheat, and under the bears the Hijri year 1298 (1919 in the Gregorian calendar), the year Afghanistan gained independence from the British Empire.