Singapore 1 Dollar banknote Ship Series

Singapore 1 Dollar banknote Ship Series

Singapore one Dollar note Ship Series

Singapore banknotes 1 Dollar banknote Ship Series (1984 - 1999)
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Obverse: "Sha Chuan"
Centre panel: A Chinese crane
Type of fish: Cyprinus carpio or Chinese carp
On the front, all notes have the Singapore Arms, a watermark of a lion's head and the signature and seal of Minister for Finance and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore. On the front centre panel are creatures from Chinese mythology printed in colour lithographic offset prints. Each note has a security thread embedded vertically across it.

Reverse: Sentosa Satellite Earth Station
The orchid featured on the back of all the Ship series notes is the national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Colour: Blue
Size of note: 125 mm x 63 mm
First issued on: 12 January 1987

The pictorial and aesthetic themes of this series are based on maritime vessels and the modern development of Singapore. The vignettes on the front of the Ship notes depict vessels that have plied the waters of Singapore over the centuries. The series starts with the merchant craft of bygone days, and progresses to the modern bulk carrier which is featured on the highest denomination. The series pays tribute to the contributions of merchant shipping to the development of Singapore from an entrepot trading centre to the busiest port in the world.

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Sentosa Satellite Earth Station
The Sentosa Satellite Earth Station is Singapore's first satellite earth station. The station is located at Sentosa Island. It was established in 1970. The second antenna was built two years later in 1972 as more traffic grows. This station is managed and owned by SingTel.