Bank of Canada 2 Dollars note 1935

Canada banknotes 2 Dollars note 1935
Canada 2 Dollars
Bank of Canada 2 Dollars note 1935

The $2 note features a portrait of Queen Mary, wife of King George V.  She is shown in evening dress wearing a diamond tiara and necklace. The Queen was photographed by British photographer Hay Wrighton, and the portrait was engraved by two different engravers — Will Ford of ABN and Harry P. Dawson of BABN, the firm that printed the note. On the back of the note is an allegorical figure representing transportation featuring the Roman mythological figure Mercury, created by BABNC artists.

Size: 152.4 x 73.025 mm (6.0 x 2.875 inches)
Predominant colour: Blue
Issue date: 11 March 1935
Varieties:   There are no varieties to 1935 $2 bills from The Bank of Canada. J.A.C. Osborne signs as the Deputy Governor and G.F. Towers as the Governor.
Quantity Printed:   22,340,000
Text:   Ottawa, issue of 1935 – The Bank Of Canada – Will pay to the bearer on demand – Two Dollars – British American Bank note co ltd Ottawa – deputy governor – governor

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