Bank of Canada 1937 Ten Dollar Bill

Bank of Canada banknotes 1937 Ten Dollar Bill
1937 Canadian 10 Dollar Bank Note
Bank of Canada 1937 Ten Dollar Bill

The portrait of George VI wearing an admiral's uniform was based on a photograph taken by Bertram Park, for which an engraving was made by Robert Savage of ABN. On the back of the note is an allegorical figure representing transportation featuring the Roman mythological figure Mercury, created by BABNC artists.

Size: 152.4 x 73.025 mm (6.0 x 2.875 inches)
Predominant colour: Purple
Date on bank note: 1937
Issue date: 19 July 1937
Signatures: Left - J.A.C. Osborne; Right - G.F. Towers
                        Left - D. Gordon;         Right - G.F. Towers
                        Left - J.E. Coyne;         Right - G.F. Towers

Quantity Printed:   289,360,000
Text:   Bank Of Canada – Will pay to the bearer on demand – Banque Du Canada – Paiera au porteur sur demande – Ten Dollars – Dix Dollars – Ottawa, 2nd Jan. 1937 – Ottawa le 2 Jan. 1937 – British American Bank note company limited – deputy governor – governor – sous gouverneur – gouverneur

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