Germany 20 Deutsche Mark banknote 1980 Elsbeth Tucher

20 Deutsche Mark
German banknotes 20 DM Deutsche Mark
German banknotes 20 DM Deutsche Mark banknote 1980, issued by the Deutsche Bundesbank - German Federal Bank
20 Deutsche Mark old German pre-euro bank note.
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Obverse: Portrait of Elsbeth Tucher by Albrecht Dürer (1499, Oil on wood 29 x 23 cm, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Kassel)
Reverse: Violin, bow and clarinet.
Watermark: Elsbeth Tucher.

Elsbeth Tucher was the wife of the Nuremberg patrician Niclas Tucher.
Elsbeth Tucher ( nee Pusch) is portrayed an velvet fabric decorated with a pattern of pomegranates. At the top of the panel is the inscription, `Elsbeth Niclas Tucher at 26 years 1499'.

Germany banknotes - Germany paper money
Deutsche Bundesbank - German Federal Bank
1960-1980 issue

The third series of German mark banknotes was introduced in 1960 by the Bundesbank, depicting neutral symbols, paintings by the German painter Albrecht Dürer, and buildings. There were 5 Deutsche Mark10 Deutsche Mark, 20 Deutsche Mark50 Deutsche Mark100 Deutsche Mark, 500 Deutsche Mark and 1000 Mark denominations.