Cuba 500 Pesos banknote 1950 Salvador Cisneros Betancourt

Cuba banknotes Currency 500 Cuban Pesos banknote bill
Cuba banknotes 500 Pesos note of 1950, Salvador Cisneros Betancourt.
Cuba paper money 500 Pesos note
Cuba banknotes 500 Pesos banknote 1950 issued by the Banco Nacional de Cuba
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Obverse: Portrait of Salvador Cisneros Betancourt at center.
Reverse: National arms within circle at center, denomination in letters below.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Cuba banknotes - Cuba paper money
1949-1960 Issue

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Salvador Cisneros Betancourt
Salvador Cisneros Betancourt (born 10 October 1828 - died 28 February 1914), was Cuban independence leader and legislator. Cisneros Betancourt was born in Camagüey, central Cuba, to a wealthy and noble family. After independence, people affectionately continued to call him by his title, Marqués of Santa Lucía. As a young man, he was imprisoned in Spain for his conspiratorial activities. Cisneros Betancourt was involved in Cuba's two wars of independence and was president of the insurgent provisional government in both. He also participated in the framing of the insurgent constitutions and was a delegate to the constituent assembly that approved Cuba's first constitution as an independent nation (1900–1901). Cisneros Betancourt strongly urged the rejection of the Platt Amendment, accusing the United States of exercising "the power of the strong over the weak." He was a member of the Cuban Senate from 1902 until his death. Cisneros Betancourt died in Havana.