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Switzerland currency 5 Swiss Francs
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Banknotes of Switzerland 500 Swiss Francs note 1951 William Tell
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Obverse: William Tell or Wilhelm Tell - William Tell monument in the marketplace of Altdorf, Canton of Uri, Switzerland.
Reverse: Ornaments, rosette, and numeral of value.
Printed by Orell Fussli Security Printing Ltd, Zürich.

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William Tell
William Tell (in the four languages of Switzerland: German: Wilhelm Tell; French: Guillaume Tell; Italian: Guglielmo Tell; Romansh: Guglielm Tell) is a folk hero of Switzerland. His legend is recorded in a late 15th-century Swiss chronicle.
It is set in the period of the original foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the early 14th century. According to the legend, Tell—an expert marksman with the crossbow—assassinated Gessler, a tyrannical reeve of Habsburg Austria positioned in Altdorf, Uri.
Along with Arnold Winkelried, Tell is a central figure in Swiss patriotism as it was constructed during the Restoration of the Confederacy after the Napoleonic era.

William Tell monument
The Tell Monument (German: Telldenkmal) is a memorial to William Tell in the market place of Altdorf, Canton of Uri, Switzerland.
The bronze statue of Richard Kissling was inaugurated in the August 28, 1895 at the foot of an old tower. It shows the Swiss national hero with his crossbow and accompanied by his son. At the base is the traditional date of Rütlischwur of 1307.
Behind the statue is a big bronze plate with the following inscription:
Erzæhlen Wird Man Von Dem Schützen Tell
So Lang Die Berge Steh'n Auf Ihrem Grunde.
This translates to: It will be talked about (in the sense of "stories will be told about") the marksman Tell as long as the mountains stand on their base.

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