Brazil bank notes 1 Mil Reis banknote, Dr. Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales

Brazil money Brazilian Mil Reis note
Brazilian paper money
Notafilia Numismática Mil Reis banknote
Cédulas do Brasil
Brazil bank notes - 1 Mil Reis, issued by the  Bank of Brazil - Banco do Brasil.
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Obverse: A Portrait of Dr. Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales, 4th President of Brazil.
Reverse: Coat of arms of Brazil.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Dr. Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales (15 February 1841 – 28 June 1913) was a Brazilian lawyer, coffee farmer and politician. He served as a provincial deputy three times, general-deputy once, and also as minister of justice (1889-1891), senator and governor of São Paulo (1896–1897). The pinnacle of his political career was his election as president of Brazil, an office he held between 1898 and 1902. Austere financial reforms were adopted during his tenure.