Austro-Hungarian Gold Coins 10 Korona Gold Coin 1910 Franz Josef I Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary

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10 Korona Gold Coin
Austro-Hungarian - Kingdom of Hungary 10 Korona Gold Coin of 1910 Emperor Franz Joseph I
Attractive type with Holy Crown of St. Stephen & Angels

Obverse: Crowned Hungarian royal arms, held by winged angels, mintmark (K.B) below.
Translated: "Hungarian Kingdom / 10 Korona"

Reverse: Figure of Franz Josef I standing, wearing crown of St. Stephen, cape, staff and orb with Hungarian double cross.
Legend: FERENCZ JÓZSEF I . K . A . CS . ÉS M . H . S . D . O . AP . KIR . 1908

Mint place: Kremnitz (KB)
Reference: Friedberg 252, KM-485.
Diameter: 19 mm; Weight: 3.37 gram of  Gold (.900)

The Korona (osztrák-magyar korona) was the official currency of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1892 (when it replaced the Forint as part of the adoption of the gold standard) until the dissolution of the empire in 1918.

The Holy Crown of Hungary (Magyar Szent Korona, Latin: Sacra Corona), also known as the Crown of Saint Stephen, is the only crown known today with "holy" attribute.

The Hungarian coronation insignia consists of the Holy Crown, the sceptre, the orb, and the mantle. Since the twelfth century kings have been crowned with the still extant crown. The orb has the coat-of-arms of the Hungarian king Károly Róbert of Anjou (1310-1342); the other insignia can be linked to Saint Stephen.

The Crown was bound to the Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen, (sometimes the Sacra Corona meant the Land, the Carpathian Basin, but it also meant the coronation body, too). (see more: Doctrine of the Holy Crown) No king of Hungary was regarded as having been truly legitimate without being crowned with it. In the history of Hungary, more than fifty kings were crowned with it (the two kings who were not so crowned were Sigismund Johann II and Joseph II).
Franz Josef I (English: Francis Joseph) Emperor of Austria, king of Hungary, (1830-1916), born in Vienna. The last significant Habsburg monarch.