Poland banknotes 100 Polish Zloty banknote of 1939

Poland currency 100 Polish złoty banknotes notes
 Poland 100 Zloty banknote 
Poland paper money 100 Polish złoty banknote note bill
Polish 100 Zloty bank note
Currency of Poland - 100 Polish złoty banknote of 1939 (not issued). Bank Polski - Bank of Poland - Government of the Republic of Poland in exile during World War II.
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Obverse: Portrait of a man from Masuria and ornament in floral style.
Reverse: Beautiful river scene - Benedictine Abbey by the Vistula river in Tyniec, near Krakow.
Tyniec is a historic village in Poland on the Vistula river. Tyniec is notable for its famous Benedictine abbey founded by king Casimir the Restorer in 1044.
Legal notice: "Banknotes of Bank of Poland are legal tender in Poland" is the same for all banknotes printed for Polish government-in-exile during World War II.

Watermark: Profile portrait of the beautiful girl in a headscarf.
 Prevailing colour - light-brown; Format 171 x 86 mm.
Graphic artist - Clément Serveau - and vignettes by Włodzimierz Vacek.
Date of issue - August 15, 1939 (not issued).
Signatures: President - Vladislav Byrka, Executive Director - Leon Baranski, Chief Treasurer - John Orczykowski.
Printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd., London England.

Poland banknotes - Poland paper money 15.08.1939
Polish government-in-exile, World War II

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