Finland 50 Finnish Markkaa banknote 1986 Alvar Aalto

Currency Finland 50 Finnish Markkaa Banknote
50 Finnish Markkaa banknote
Finland 50 Finnish Markkaa Bank note bill
 50 Finnish Markkaa note, Finlandia Hall 
Finland 50 Finnish Markkaa banknote of 1986, issued by the Bank of Finland - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank.

Obverse: Portrait of Alvar Aalto (February 3 1898 – May 11 1976), Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware.
Reverse: A view of the Finlandia Hall is a concert hall with a congress wing in Helsinki, Finland, by Töölönlahti bay. The building was designed by Alvar Aalto.

The last design series of the Finnish markka, designed in the 1980s by Finnish designers Torsten Ekströmin (obverse) and Erik Bruunin (reverse) and issued in 1986.
Prevailing colour - Brown; Size: 142 mm x 69 mm.
Printed by Bank of Finland Security Printing House.

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1986-1993 Issue

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