Finland 100 Finnish Markkaa Banknote 1986 Jean Sibelius

Finland currency money 100 Finnish Markkaa Banknote
100 Finnish Markkaa, Jean Sibelius
Finland money banknotes 100 Finnish Markkaa note
100 markkaa
Currency of Finland 100 Finnish Markkaa banknote of 1986, issued by the Bank of Finland - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank.

Obverse: Portrait of Jean Sibelius (8 December 1865 – 20 September 1957) , Finnish composer of the later Romantic period. His music played an important role in the formation of the Finnish national identity.
Reverse: Swans in Flight - Inspired by swans in flight, Jean Sibelius introduces some of his best ideas in his fifth symphony - A song for Swans.

The last design series of the Finnish markka, designed in the 1980s by Finnish designers  Torsten Ekströmin (obverse) and Erik Bruunin  (reverse)  and issued in 1986.
Watermark: Jean Sibelius. Latent image at upper right.
Prevailing colour - Green; Size: 142 mm x 69 mm.
Printed by Bank of Finland Security Printing House.

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1986-1993 Issue

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