Belgium Currency 50 Belgian Francs Treasury note 1956

Foreign currency money Belgian franc note
Belgium Currency - 50 Belgian francs
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  Belgian banknotes - 50 francs 
Belgium Currency - 50 Belgian francs Treasury note 1956
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Obverse: On the left, A peasant woman with a basket of fruit . On the right, farmer plants a fruit tree.
Reverse:  On the left, Young reaper in the straw hat is sharpening his scythe . On the right,  Peasant woman binding sheaves.

Watermark: Portrait of King Leopold I of Belgium.
Prevailing colour - Orange, violet, yellow, green and red; Format 76 x 140 mm.
Graphic artist - Louis Buisseret ; Engravers - M. Poortman and G. Minguet.
Signature: Director General of the Treasury - Maurice Williot (signed notes 302/04/1956 - 31/01/1963).

Belgian banknotes - Belgium paper money
Belgian Treasury Notes

1956 Issue
20 Francs      50 Francs

1964-1966 Issue