Belgium banknotes 100 Belgian francs banknote of 1971 Lambert Lombard

World Currencies Belgium 100 Belgian francs banknotes notes
World Currencies Belgium - 100 Belgian francs banknote
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Cent Francs - Honderd Frank
World Currencies Belgium - 100 Belgian francs banknote of 1971, issued by the National Bank of Belgium - Banque Nationale de Belgique.
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Obverse: Portrait of the artist Lambert Lombard and Perron of Liege.
Reverse: Namely Orpheus (Lombard) for the Palace of the Prince-Bishops of Liège.

Watermark: Portrait of King Baldwin I ( Baudouin I - King of the Belgians ).
Prevailing colour - Brown Red on multicolor background; Format 69 x 137.5 mm
Graphic artist - Florenzo Marino-Bessi ; Engravers - C. Leclercqz and H. Decuyper.
Signatures: Governor - Robert Vandeputte (signed notes 01/03/1971 - 25/02/1975), Treasurer - Maurice Jordens (signed notes 30/10/1968 - 02/06/1977).

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1961-1977 Issue

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Lambert Lombard
Lambert Lombard (c. 1505 – August 1566) was a Renaissance painter, architect and theorist for the Prince-Bishopric of Liège. During his career he worked for Jan Gossaert in Middelburg and trained Frans Floris.
   Lombard was born in Liège, where in 1532 he became court painter and architect. A few paintings and many drawings have been preserved.
   In 1537 he was sent to Rome by Erard de la Marck, prince-bishop of Liège, to buy works of art, and he discovered the wonders of the Italian Renaissance. On his return he brought not only works of art, but also the new ideas concerning art and the position of the artist, to Liège.
   His pupils were Frans Floris, Hendrick Goltzius, Willem Key, Dominicus Lampsonius, Jan Ramey, and Lambert Suavius. Dominicus Lampsonius wrote a biography of Lombard, The Life of Lambert Lombard.