Danzig coins Half Gulden Silver Coin of 1923

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Danzig coins Half Gulden Silver Coin of 1923.
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Coins of the Free City of Danzig Half Gulden Silver Coin of 1923.
Danzig coins Gdańsk - Free City of Danzig Half Gulden Silver Coin, mint year 1923.

Obverse: Stylized sail ship at sea. The stylized vessel symbolizes the merchant ships of the Hanseatic League also known as the Hansa.
Danzig joined the Hanseatic League in 1358, and became an active member in 1361. It maintained relations with the trade centers Bruges, Novgorod, Lisboa and Sevilla.

Reverse: Legend in three lines including denomination (½ Gulden) above date (19-23), split by arms of the Free City of Danzig.
Legend: "freie Stadt Danzig / ½ Gulden / 19 (++) 23" ("Free City of Danzig / ½ Gulden / 1923")

Reference: KM-144. R!
Diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 2.5 gram of Silver (.750)
Edge: Reeded
Mint: (no mintmark) = Prussian State Mint in Berlin or Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht.
Designer: Professor Dr. Fischer of Danzig
Engraver: Kullrich

The coinage of Danzig was issued with the monetary unit of gulden = 100 pfennigs. The currency was based on an exchange rate of 25 gulden equal to 1£ Pound Sterling.
The gulden has a par value of approximately $0.1947.

Danzig coins 1923 First series 

5 Gulden        2 Gulden        One Gulden        Half Gulden        10 Pfennige

5 Pfennig           2 Pfennige           1 Pfennig

Danzig coins 1932 Second series 

25 gulden      10 Gulden      5 Gulden      2 Gulden      One Gulden      Half Gulden 
10 Pfennig Codfish       5 Pfennig Turbot       2 Pfennige       1 Pfennig

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