Danzig 20 Gulden 1932 Bank von Danzig

Danzig banknotes 20 Gulden note

Danzig currency 20 Gulden 1932 Bank Note

Danzig (Gdansk) banknotes: 20 Gulden 1932 Bank von Danzig

Obverse: Prison Tower (Stockturm) seen from Targ Weglowy (Kohlenmarkt) Danzig - Gdansk, Poland. Coat of arms of Free City of Danzig.
Reverse: Neptune’s Fountain in Danzig (Gdansk), located in the center of Dlugi Targ, also known as The Long Market. Starting its living as a bronze statue in 1549; it was made into a fountain in 1633.

Danzig banknotes - Danzig paper money

Prison Tower - Stockturm

The tower was originally a complex of 15th century defencive gates, part of the city fortification. The 17th century saw the Southern Gate become the House of Torture and a law court was also located here. At that time, the other gate was razed and renovated to include prison sells. This area became known as Prison Tower.