Persian Banknotes One Toman note 1924-1932 Mozaffar ad-Din Shah, Imperial Bank of Persia

Iran Persia currency Toman banknote
 One Toman banknote
Imperial Iran Persia currency bill Toman
Imperial Bank of Persia - One Toman banknote
Imperial Bank of Persia - One Toman banknote, 1924-1932 issue.
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Obverse: Portrait of Shah Muzaffer-Ed-Din at right and the water mark of the Lion & Sun on the left. Signatures: General Director: M. Murry, General officer: V.L. Walter.
Reverse of the note with English script: Imperial Bank of Persia, One Toman. English script at the top: PAYABLE at TEHERAN ONLY.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company, New Malden in Surrey, England.

Iran Banknotes - Imperial bank of Persia
1924-1932 Issue

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