Malta banknotes 10 shilling note 1967 Queen Elizabeth II & Cross of St. George

Malta currency 10 Shillings banknote Queen Elizabeth George Cross
 The Government of Malta 10 shilling note, depicts a portrait of the queen in royal regalia.
Malta currency 10 Shillings banknote Mgarr Harbor Gozo Valletta Malta
The Government of Malta 10 shilling note, depicts a harbor scene from the island of Gozo.
Malta currency 10 Shilling note 1967 Queen Elizabeth II
Central Bank of Malta
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Obverse: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II & George Cross at center.
Reverse: View of Mgarr Harbor on the island of Gozo, Valletta, Malta.
Watermark: Allegorical head of Malta - Melita.
Printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company, New Malden in Surrey, England.

Malta banknotes - Malta paper money
The final issue of Government of Malta notes prior to independence was released in July 1963. It consisted of a 10 shilling note and a 1 pound note of the same design as the existing 5 pounds. A new portrait of the queen was used, the work of the engraver Pietro Annigoni. In this design the queen is shown, at right, in robes-of-state. A rendition of the George Cross appears on the reverse. A picturesque view of a harbor on
the island of Gozo is found on the reverse of the 10 shilling note, while the 1 pound note depicts an aerial view of the industrial complex at Marsa. All have a watermark showing an allegorical head of “Malta”. The 1961 and 1963 notes are the product of Bradbury, Wilkinson and Company. After Malta obtained its independence in 1968, all subsequent releases were by the Central Bank of Malta, which on current notes is
expressed as “Bank Centrali ta' Malta”.

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