Sudan currency 10 Sudanese Pounds banknote of 1956 Camel Postman

10 Sudanese Pounds banknote
10 Sudanese Pounds
Sudan currency 10 pounds banknote
 Currency of Sudan 10 Pounds
Sudan banknotes 10 Pounds banknote of 1956, issued by the Sudan Currency Board
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Obverse: Gordon College, which is part of Khartoum University.
Reverse: Camel Postman.

The back of all denominations carry an illustration of the ‘Camel Postman’. This illustration is based on a drawing made by Captain (later Colonel) E. A. Stanton in 1897 at the request of Sir Herbert (later Lord) Kitchener. Sir Herbert was seeking a design for the first series of postage stamps to be issued in the Sudan (which was then using Egyptian stamps). The illustration was adapted by Thomas De La Rue & Company and appeared on the first Sudanese postage stamps issued in 1898. The image was used on many subsequent issues of postage stamps and, many years later, on the Sudanese coins introduced after independence.

The idea for the illustration came to Capt. Stanton when the mail was delivered to his regiment by camel instead of by the usual steamer. To assist him in completing the illustration, Capt. Stanton persuaded the Sheikh of the Howawir tribe to don his war-dress and sit atop his camel, which carried four sacks filled with chopped straw. The finished drawing had the names of the two major towns in the Sudan, Khartoum and Berber, written on the ‘mail’ sacks, along with a crescent moon and star. While these small details were transferred to the illustrations on the stamps, they did not appear on the sacks in the illustration on the banknotes.

Sudan banknotes - Sudanese paper money
1956 Issue

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