Sudan 25 Piastres banknote 1956 Camel Postman

25 Sudanese Piastres
25 Sudanese Piastres
Currency Sudan 25 Piastres
Currency of Sudan 25 Piastres
Sudanese banknotes 25 Piastres note 1956, issued by the Sudan Currency Board
The Sudanese pound is the currency of Sudan, Sudanese banknotes, Sudanese paper money, Sudanese bank notes, Sudan banknotes, Sudan paper money, Sudan bank notes.

Obverse: Sudanese soldiers, with the savannah in the background.
Reverse: Camel Postman.

Sudan banknotes - Sudanese paper money
1956 Issue

25 Piastres       50 Piastres       1 Sudanese Pound       5 Sudanese Pounds       10 Sudanese Pounds